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EP-401 The Wolf and The Dog: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

February 26th, 2021

I know what you"re thinking... You thought fairytale land was just that a tale. But what if I told you that it is an actual place. And we can go there. In fact we are there now. This is FairyTale Land. Yes, the place where fairy godmothers dance and evil forces play. You’ve read about this place to your kids at night. You’ve bought books about princes and princesses that   promote happily ever afters. You’ve shared with your friends which ones of it’s tales were your favorites and why.  

But we are here tracking a story. Going through the looking glass and pushing aside the veil.  I’m shining a light on Fairy Tale Lands' first serial killer. This is the story about the Big Bad Wolf. He terrorized FairyTale Land for years and then poof! We just stopped hearing about him. What happened to the Big Bad Wolf? And Is he still alive?

Join me for the next 7 weeks as we uncover this story.


Mars Landing - Yi Nantiro

Off at Once!- Jon Bjork

Absence of Light- Prozody

Fear Is Temporary- Jo Wandrin

Peppered Blossoms - Jon Bjork

Far Far Far- Bonnie Grace

Two Imaginary Friends- Jon Bjork



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