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February 4th, 2020

Hello, bienvenidos, and welcome to How About A Story. I’m Yzaura. Today's adventure comes from Puerto Rico. When I was younger I would visit my grandparents there and for 2 months I was surround by family, nature and the haunting stories of the islands past. I had a fierce aunt who taught me that if you grab a lizard and are brave enough to rub it’s belly. It will fall asleep and then you can gently open it's mouth and place it on your ear like a earring. She also taught me how to sneak up on butterflies and ever so gently grasp it’s wings between your fingers. Of course now I know that is extremely harmful to the butterfly but  it was one of those magical moment we shared. This story reminds me of those times. Except for the witch, the…. well enough boncinchando let go ahead and dive right into Pura Belpre world of words this is the story of Amapola.

Thank you so much for listening to Amapola by Pure Belpre. You can read this story along with many other by her in the book called Once In Puerto Rico. If you like what you hear please let me know giving me a review wherever you listen to your podcast. This will be the last episode for this season but I will be coming back in April with all new content. Stay tunes for season 2.

This podcast was written, produced, researched and hosted by me Yzaura. Until next time what stories will you bet getting into?

Special thanks goes out to:

Batuque Bom - Quincas Moreira

Dreamer - DiviKid

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Fairy Meeting Emily A. Sprague

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