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Following The Big Bad Wolf: a true crime investigation in FairyTale Land

January 29th, 2021

This season I”m trying something different. You might not know this but I am a murderino, you know a true crime junkie. That’s right my friends on my free time I listen to murder. So much so that when I was first bouncing around ideas to create a podcast I thought I would be doing a true crime podcast and who knows maybe one day I will. So this season I decided to take a stab at it but in my own way. This podcast is me reading you great stories which I love and I will continue to do so  here. Even during this investigation season. So keeping that in mind we are going to delve into the realm of Fairy Tale Land and get to know one of the meanest, sneakiest, baddest mother wolves around the infamous Big Bad Wolf. We are going to hear stories about his beginnings. Where he grew up, who were his influences, did he have friends, how did he become who he is known as today? The Big Bad Wolf is not a one trick pony like, he is at the narcissist level of  Ted Bundy. He has been “Gone in the dark like the Golden State Killer”. The Big Bad Wolf is a serial killer and I'm calling him out.


Starting February 26th, join me every Friday for a few weeks as we explore the life of the Big Bad Wolf. Let’s go to FairyTale Land and do some investigating. Make sure you are subscribed on your pod player of choice and please stop by our Instagram page and say hieeeeee. I’ll be in your ears soon. Until then what stories will you be getting into?



Ravenhead DEX12 @epidemicsound


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