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PopIN Edition

August 24th, 2020

Hello and Welcome to How About A Story the PopIN Edition, this is Yzaura. I am currently gearing things up for the fall and thought now would be a great time for us to play catch up. If you didn't know How About A Story has made a year on PodBean telling stories. Now this has been a personal project of mine discovering voice over narration and just putting a little bit of myself out into the world. So After a year what have I learned you might ask? A lot! A lot about editing, mixing arranging, executing, marketing but most of all about connecting. Not only to work that I am doing but to those who take the time to appreciate the work. So my fellow listener, that's you with the buds in your ears or playing this aloud in your car. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Let's go a head and enjoy this blast from the past and one of my favorite episodes. Let's enter into Pura Belpre's world of words this is Amapola.



Ditch Diggin' by Jungle Punks 

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