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EP-402 The Crane and The Wolf: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

March 5th, 2021

When I started this journey I sat in front of my computer and stared at the blank screen for what felt like eternity. I was frozen, but I was lost in this run on sentence in my head about Zeke. Only I didn’t know him as Zeke at the time he was The Big Bad Wolf.  And I found myself shaking my head from side to side and saying “that's 3 murders. 3 murders so close to each other by the same villain, The Big Bad Wolf.”  Then I just shot up in my seat, He's a Serial Killer!!!! Fairytale land has, or had a serial killer and no one was or is talking about it.


Music from Epidemic Sound

Creep Thoughts - Phoenix  Tails

Ending - Peter Sandberg

Peppered Blossom - Jon Bjork

Sparkle and Swirl - Raymond Grouse

Superior - Silver Maple

Truth Harvest - Max Anson

Don't wake the Trolls -  Jon Bjork

Saw It Coming - Jon Bjork


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