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EP-404 The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

March 19th, 2021

Join me this week as we dig deeper into the Big Bad Wolf and why I believe he is a serial killer.

In the crime safety site it says: “Serial killers look perfectly normal and may be above average in intelligence. You may very well have met one and found him charming or, if nothing else, forgettable. You may know a killer and never realize it – because he doesn't seem the least bit like a monster. They blend in with the rest of us without arousing the slightest suspicion.”

If you have any information about the Big Bad Wolf please leave us a tip at (661) 544-8226. Some one knows something.

Resources for this weeks episode:

The Aesop Fable: Wolf in Sheeps's Clothing  

The Aesop Fable: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Music from Epidemic Sound 

So Aware - Damon Greene

Ambushed - Dream Cave

Salvation Is Coming - Eoin Mantell

Superior - Silver Maple

Interstate 895 - Bonnie Grace

Remorse - Damma Beatz

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